M3F 2016: McDowell Mountain Music Festival

M3F 2016All photos by Matty Steinkamp
Contributing Photographer

The McDowell Mountain Music Festival (or M3F), invaded Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix this past weekend for three days of music, hula-hooping, craft beer, food trucks, and, of course, more music. National acts like Animal Collective, Beck, Kid Cudi, and the Avett Brothers (my favorite) joined an impressive local list of performers like Fairy Bones, The Haymarket Squares, Coobee Coo, Captain Squeegee, and many others. Matty Steinkamp of Sundawg Media was on hand to commemorate the event through photos.

M3F 2016 12

Captain Squeegee

M3F 2016 13

Taylor Upsahl

M3F 2016 10


M3F 2016 02

Animal Collective

M3F 2016 04


M3F 2016 09

Luna Aura

M3F 2016 05

Bloc Party

M3F 2016 11

Porter Robinson Live

M3F 2016 08

Kid Cudi

M3F 2016 06

Gary Clark Jr.

M3F 2016 07

The Haymarket Squares

M3F 2016 03

The Avett Brothers


As if his photos weren’t cool enough, Matty is also compiling the M3F AFTER MOVIE – a collaboration with KWSS, TMI Radio Show, and Sundawg Media! Check out the preview below.

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