Radio Phoenix Podcast: Day Before Plastics


The three-piece rock outfit known as Day Before Plastics joined us live on the air down at Radio Phoenix for our bi-monthly installment of Rise! We had a great time and played a bunch of the rad songs the band brought along to share from other local artists. The complete list can be found below!

Complete Playlist:

Day Before Plastics “Space Beach”

Stephen Steinbrink “Now You See Everything”

Huckleberry “Moonflower”

Fatigo “El Siete Ocho”

La Luz “You Disappear”

Day Before Plastics “Electric City”

Wooden Indian Burial Ground “Sparklerella”

What Laura Says “Gardener of Wonders”

Diners “Citrus”

Colorstore “You and Me”

Girl from the Moon “Bardo”

Recorded live on February 3, 2016.

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