Why You Should Listen: Sundressed

sundressed 01by Frank Ippolito
Associate Editor

I almost feel bad writing about Sundressed and their newest release, The Same Condition, mainly because it’s because it’s like writing about my favorite Unicorn Snuggie. I mean, I love that thing and I couldn’t possibly say something bad about it.

Backstory: I’ve been on the Sundressed emo train since their first release and I’ve interviewed guitarist/vocalist Trevor Hedges and have written about them several times…anyway…my love for pop punk is well documented so I won’t go into the details of our relationship, but man, there’s just something about this band that I can’t get over.

And here’s why I can’t get over these guys. First, Hedges’ vocals. They are simply dripping with emotion. I mean, here’s a guy that has gone to hell and back, so it’s no wonder his lyrics really hit home with my former high school sophomore self who just got dumped by the girl who never spoke to him.

Like I said, been there from the beginning, and I can safely say that this is by far their most mature record to date. Which brings me to a very important notice:

Dear Sundressed,

We’ve been through a lot, and you know how much I dig your music, and I pray to the sweet baby emo Jesus that you don’t go the way of all those other pop punk bands that went all mature. Because if that happens I don’t think we can be together anymore.

Sincerely, Frank

Why you should listen: Because Pop Punk. And, quite frankly, these guys do it really really well.

What you should listen for: I think Hedges has a real gift for summoning up all his emotions and penning some really great lyrics.

What they sound like: They sound like fun. Even though their hearts are dripping blood all over their sleeves.

Perfect listening for: You just broke up over text.

My favorite part: The song, “Beck and Call”. But, alas, while I dug whole EP, but I do think pounding out that last chord on the last song was a bit much. (Uh, oh, did I just go crazy negative there?)

This just in: Hedges just dropped me a note, quite by happy accident, and he told me that him and the boys are recording 12 more new tracks, so we have that to look forward to in the coming year.


Listen to The Same Condition below. For more info on Sundressed, hit up their Facebook page.

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