Radio Phoenix Podcast: Snailmate


Ariel Monet and Kalen Lander, the duo known as Snailmate, came down to Radio Phoenix for a 420 special. We discuss the dangers of Kool-Aid drinking contests, the Snailmate EP trifecta, and play a bunch of great tracks that the band sent over for the show. Now available in podcast form for your listening pleasure. The complete playlist can be found below!

Complete Playlist:

Snailmate “Radio DJ”

Devil McCoy “Devil McCoy”

The Talking Hours “Quitter”

Andy Warpigs “N Bombs and C Bombs”

The Spider Hole “Don’t Worry about the Sugar Planters”

Belly Belt “My BF Brings Me All My Food”

Snailmate “Always Loving Mostly Fighting”

Genre “Cat Problems”

Desert Purple “Initiated”

Orangubang “Hella Lazy”

Hostile Work Environment “Extraterrestrial Lover”

Sliide “rogu3”

Recorded live on April 20, 2016.