6 Singles that Should Be in Video Games


“Burn It Up”

The Brooklyn-based beatmaker known as 2Beeps specializes in party breaks that pack serious punch. The new single from the act, “Burn it Up”, could easily find a home on any high-energy gaming endeavor. No surprise when you learn that 2Beeps cite influences that include “Miami Bass and 90’s electronic music”. Turn up the heat on your stereo with “Burn it Up” here and, if you dig what you’re hearing, you can delve into the full Shake Your Ass EP on Bandcamp.



There’s a very narrative quality to this track from San Francisco’s Suboculis. Between that and some rich texturing, I can definitely see “Incursus” backing some zombie shoot ’em up or a game of equal lurk value. The listener will find both tension and movement in this track.

Midi Jones


Okay, now stay with me on this, aliens attack from outer space and enslave humans. Our only hope? The feline friends who suddenly find their litter boxes in need of a change. Stay with me on this, I might have video game gold on my hands – cats save the world! If (or when) this game ever gets made (consider this my official waving of the rights), “KATS” from L.A.’s Midi Jones should definitely appear on the soundtrack. The irony is strong in this one from lines like “Meow, Bitch” to the inclusion of YouTube sensations.


“Neon Dubloons”

Nintendo should snap this guy up right now. In fact, if you’re a game developer, just give Timo all your money now before Nintendo does snap him up. “Neon Dubloons” harkens back to the video games of my youth. Mario Bros. Donkey Kong. You name it, “Neon Dubloons” could probably fit right in. The music is playful and energetic. If you like what you’re hearing, consider delving a bit further with “Village Counsel” (available here). Before that, however, listen to “Neon Dubloons”…


“Dense Clouds”

The cyber synth sounds of the Los Angeles trio known as KRON have a retro feel and their new single, “Dense Clouds”, sounds like it could be streaming from an arcade game while you race a sports car through a pixelated, urban night (I’m thinking F-ZERO – ed.). The group will be releasing an album this coming October so, if you’re into “Dense Clouds”, get ready for the goodness to come.

Styles in Black

Scumm Bar

Fans of Dropkick Murphys and electronica (strange combination, I know) can finally relax. I found the song for you. Styles in Black mixes Irish folk with EDM for a track that I could imagine on a video game soundtrack, one wherein killer Leprechauns attack. Styles in Black worked with Celtic group Peddler’s Tune to create “Scumm Bar” for an interesting spin on their usual style. Check out “Scumm Bar” here…

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