Radio Phoenix Podcast: There Is Danger

There is Danger

There is Danger joined us live on Radio Phoenix for Rise. They brought along some swell tunes (the complete playlist can be found below) and we talked all things There is Danger – past, present, and future.

Complete Playlist:

There is Danger “Gold Mine”

dent “Visit Us”

Of the Painted Choir “Margaret the Murderer”

Sweetbleeders “We Were Never Here”

Yojimbo Billions “Already Left”

There is Danger “Youth”

North Brother Island “Jenny Lind”

Rajiv Patel “Make Like a Tree Pt. 2”

Bear State “My Baby”

Pro Teens “Goodnight Moon’d”

Underground Cities “Talk Slow, Move Slow”

Recorded live on July 6, 2016.

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