6 Rad Rock Singles from Alt to Indie

Weird Radicals


This two-track single from Phoenix’s Weird Radicals kicks off with “Medea”, a high-energy garage-rock number with grungy vocals. There’s almost an alt-90s sound here and I mean that in a good way. Weird Radicals don’t forsake modern relevance for that throwback vibe. “Disappear” moves in for something a little more somber and stripped down. Medea/Disappear is the band’s second single release so if you like what you’re hearing go back a bit further on Bandcamp to their May debut.

Picnic Lightning

“Ten Million Thoughts”

This indie-rock act out of Fort Worth, TX has has a heavy, psychedelic sound big enough to fill a stadium. Picnic Lightning aptly describes their sound as “Southern Gothic Psych” which fits perfectly with the fuzzed out guitars and darker currents that thread through the track. Listen to “Ten Million Thoughts” here and, if you dig what you’re hearing, delve further into their s/t EP.

Citrus Clouds


Phoenix indie rockers, Citrus Clouds, incorporate both an alt-rock edge and a dreampop airiness in their new track, “Imagination”. Heavy guitars mingle with languishing vocals as the song starts but oscillates toward an expansive soundscape as it progresses. Rumor has it, the band is working on a new music video with Running Wild Films so fans have that to look forward to. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then, enjoy “Imagination” from Citrus Clouds…


“I Got a Fever”

L.A. alt-rock band Moon combines the talents of Chelsea Davis (vocals/bass) and Dan Silver (guitar/synth). Despite only counting a duo in their ranks, MOON has a textured sound. Davis has a powerful set of pipes and a smokey edge to her voice. “I Got a Fever” is a shout-it-out shower anthem if ever there was one. You can score your own digital download of “I Got a Fever” here, but feel welcome to give it a spin below first.

Burne Holiday

“El Grongolongo”

This alt-rock act from Princeton, NJ has a stoner vibe without all the hazy musicality. This is crisp, summertime rocknroll that has an easygoing vibe and a whole lot of energy. “El Grongolongo” draws in the listener right from the get-go. If you dig what you’re hearing, and you will, I suggest diving right into the band’s new EP, On Holiday, available through SoundCloud.

Lost Beach


There’s a sun-blitzed, summertime vibe to Lost Beach that I really dig. Their latest single, “Novocaine”, perfectly encapsulates hanging around on a listless afternoon with a Big Gulp and a pack of smokes. No surprise the band is L.A.-based with that hazy garage sound and nostalgic nod to bygone rocknroll. Check out “Novocaine” here…


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