Radio Phoenix Podcast: Krovak

krovak 01

Those zany Krovak punx joined us live in the Radio Phoenix studio at the Phoenix Center for the Arts for a supremely rowdy edition of Rise. Tales were told of breaking windows and breaking bones. Plus, there was a birthday in the house. Check out the show as well the complete playlist below and make sure to catch Krovak at Phoenix Ska Punk Bowling Oct. 8, and opening for Michale Graves on Oct. 28!

Complete Playlist:

Krovak “Wasted Youth”

Rotten Youth “Anti-Everything”

Die Ignorant “Bomb Scare”

My Doll “Deadly Epidemic”

Last Action Zeros “Boys Are Out”

Ernesto Bravo “Circle Pit”

Authority Zero “Revolution”

Krovak “PBR Song”

Michale Graves “Things to Come”

The Linecutters “Black Friday/Pirates of Suburbia”

Law “Know You”

Heavy Breather “Surprise Bag”

YASKY “Heavy Metal Scooter”

Skull Drug “Conflicted”

The Toy Dolls “Nellie The Elephant”

Recorded live on September 7, 2016

PS. There were 9 tally marks on the chalkboard for this show. 9! And who knows, maybe we missed some…