3 Hawt HipHop Albums

3 hawt hiphop

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Quincy Davis


Portland’s Quincy Davis combines smooth style with meaningful lyricism for an album you can really sink down into. Remedy kicks off with “All I Know”, establishing a mellow, kick-back feel that persists throughout the release. “Be Brave” is the first single off the album and a personal favorite. Davis wrote the track after visiting youth lockdown facilities and led a group of adolescents in a freestyle session. The track fits well with the album overall given the recurring theme of breaking free from drug abuse and overcoming the challenges this crazy shitshow called life can throw at you. Check out Remedy by artist and educator Quincy Davis below and don’t forget to throw some support his way by purchasing the album for your own collection (available here).



You gotta love Dadadoh’s self-aggrandizing style on his new album, especially when you meet him in person and realize what a humble guy he is in “real life” (whatever that is). Radical isn’t an overproduced, more-hype-than-heart sort of release. This is the real deal. This is like getting high with your friends and trying to untangle the secret workings of your psyche. Dadadoh addresses the intricacies of attraction and the tribulations of that MC life. Radical features guests artists including MC/DC, Mr. UU, Dirty Dalla$, and a few others – a veritable smorgasbord of the Phoenix record label, TVLife Entertainment. “No More” and “Kowasahki Trappin'” are early favorites from the album, but I can’t neglect to mention Dadadoh’s new classic, “Never (Invite Whack People to My Shows)”, which closes out Radical in fine style. Delve into the lyrical meanderings of Dadadoh below or score your own digi-download of the album here.



Phoenix MC Frescotoldya dropped a new EP in August in anticipation of his forthcoming LP, Great White Shark. The new EP, Bait, offers up 7 solid tracks of introspective lyrics and sleek beats.  Bait opens appropriately with “Back to the Board”, a track that manages to be mellow and funky in the same breath, before “Imitators” talks a little shit about those style-coppers. I like the squishy synths that kick off the high-energy track, “Night Like This”. Well, it’s about as high-energy as Bait gets. I like that about this album – it has a kickback vibe, perfect for backyard BBQs or driving downtown at night. The EP moves from political ponderings to musings on love, the music life, and fighting for your destiny. Check out Bait by Frescotoldya below and keep your eye out for the upcoming LP.

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