7 Stellar Singers You Should Know

Stellar Singers 00by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Anna Ash


This single from Anna Ash comes to us from the album, Floodlights, which came out in September. A 1970s smooth guitar kicks things off before Ash’s voice slinks in to steal the show. There’s a throwback style here that reminds me of Three Women-era Altman. But it’s the lyrics of Anna Ash really hooked me. They hit so close to home it’s like she’s transforming my thoughts to poetic, melodious meditations. Start with “Player” below, but this is an album you’re going to want to listen to in full (available here).



Alstroemeria, in case you were wondering, is a Peruvian lily, also known as the “lily of the Incas”. And, much like the flower of the same name, “Alstroemeria” is a thing of remarkable beauty. The Boston-based band is the brainchild of Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and also features the talents of Harry Burr, Pedro Calloni, and Jordan Dunn Pilz. Their latest single offers listeners an entrancing tune that will surround you with soothing sounds as the simple melody moves you through the introspective lyrics. Prepare to be swept along to “Alstroemeria” from Tolėdo. You won’t regret the journey.


“Day Falls”

This San Francisco four-piece crafts dreamy indie rock with brooding undertones on their track “Day Falls”; a single from the band’s s/t debut. At the center of crunchy guitar work and thick basslines, the voice of Tessa emerges to counterbalance the languishing musicality. This is the perfect pairing of earthly and ethereal. Listen to “Day Falls” here and then head here for the complete EP from Kingling.

Katie Haverly

“Gold Rush”

Tucson-based singer/songwriter/musician/performing artist Katie Haverly posses an agile voice of resounding beauty. “Gold Rush”, the opening track from her LP, The Aviary, demonstrates Haverly’s easy grace as her voice dances over the intricate, but not overdone, instrumentation. This track serves as an excellent introduction to the music of Katie Haverly’s, but I suggest delving further into the complete album if you dig the single. Haverly shows her chops on this release, moving from soulful and bluesy to ethereal. Listen to “Gold Rush” below or head here to procure your very own copy of The Aviary.

Rodes Rollins

“Young & Thriving”

The otherworldly voice of Rodes Rollins drifts out at the listener from a soupy indie rock sound on her new single, “Young & Thriving”. Rollins grew up in Colorado but has since called many cities home, including New York, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires. This single comes to us from the artist’s forthcoming EP, Young Adult. Rollins possess an airy voice, but her tone is somber, heavy with reflection. Give “Young & Thriving” a spin below and join me in the wait for the rest of Young Adult from Rodes Rollins.

Keren Botaro

“The Only One”

The smokey, soulful voice of Keren Botaro pairs nicely with the retro blues-rock musicality on “The Only One” – like brandy and cigars or shelled nuts and sawdust floors. The players keep things stripped down, but lively, and leave the flourishes to Botaro and her powerhouse vocals. This single comes to us from the artist’s forthcoming s/t debut EPI, for one, am excited to hear what’s in store for us. The absence of Amy Winehouse has left us in need of some powerful pipes with that slinky lounge style. Until the EP drops, enjoy “The Only One” below or purchase the single for your personal collection here.

Angela Sclafani


Wait until you year the lithe and jazzy vocals of Angela Sclafani. You’ll find yourself transported to a plush, 1920s speakeasy. Sclafani is a commanding vocalist. “Blossom” is a sinuous, retro-styled number with modern relevance. Give the single a listen below and make sure to check out Sciafani’s 3-track single which came out on October 7th. You can hear that here.