7 Feisty Singles You Should Hear

feisty singles 000Snake! Snake! Snakes!


Phoenix’s Snake! Snake! Snakes! headed down to the Old Pueblo to record their new EP with Matt Rendon at Midtown Island Studios. “Breakdown” is the first single from that forthcoming effort. The band’s style certainly has morphed since we first heard them back in 2010. The new single has a garage rock energy with a vintage punk tinge (think Ramones). I’m definitely excited to hear the rest of the EP. In the meantime, “Breakdown” will help me keep the anticipation at bay. Listen below…

Frederick The Younger


The five-piece out of Louisville known as Frederick the Younger is gearing up for the release of their debut album early next year with this spunky new single. “Horoscope” starts off with an old school psychedelic rhythm before the vocals of Jenni Cochran kick in and lend a powerful 60s lounge pop feel to the gritty alt-rock sound. Sultry and smokey, “Horoscope” is a promising start for Frederick the Younger. I’ll definitely be watching for Human Child; the band’s debut release which we can expect to hear in February. Until then, enjoy “Horoscope” here…

Yes Babez!

“Round Around”

Once you get past the ironic name, Yes Babez! has an infectuous, high-energy sound that instantly have a vivifying effect on even your most tiring of days. Listeners might be surprised to discover that the band hails from London given that their unique sound seems to fuse a bit of an island vibe with a touch of Southern Americana. I was thinking Florida, but I was an ocean off. “Round Around” is a alt-pop ballyhoo of vibrant animation from start to finish. Give the single a spin below…


“Last Week”

I can’t get enough of this single from Ivey. This four-piece from the Gold Coast (and that would be Australia’s Gold Coast, not the other ones) has a roughed-up alt-rock sound that one might expect to hear pouring out of some super hip, back alley bar. These cats aren’t even old enough to drink, but they’ve got slick sound well beyond their years. I particularly enjoyed the vocals on this single which oscillate from brooding monotone into full garage rock growl. “Last Week” is a stellar introduction to Ivey so give it a listen here…

The Soft White Sixties

“Tell Me It’s Over”

The Soft White Sixties have spent much of their time together as a band on the road, but they decided to lock into one locale to focus exclusively on their latest release. The result of that effort, The Ocean Way EP, dropped on December 2nd at Last Exit Live. “Tell Me It’s Over” is the rowdy closer to that release and the EP’s first single. The track starts out with stripped down vocals and a simple guitar melody, but the energy builds gradually with each added layer until the listener becomes enmeshed a stormy sea of sound.  However, the construction remains tight throughout the single. Check out “Tell Me It’s Over” and then continue on to the complete EP (available here).

Tres Leches

“Get Off (My Back)”

Few things are more annoying than strangers encroaching on a dance floor when you’re trying to shake your grove thang. This single from Seattle’s Tres Leches lashes back at those dance floor encroachers with some hot-blooded rocknroll. “Get Off (My Back)” melds garage punk guitar with Runaways-esque vocals for a scrappy sound that will make you want to shout along or, hell, even break some shit. I lean toward the former rather than the latter. This single comes to us from the band’s 2016 EP (titled EP) which came out in October. Check out “Get Off (My Back)” below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, move onto the complete EP here.

The Banter

“Mason Jar”

There’s a tumultuous energy barely contained in “Mason Jar” by The Banter. Fronted by Phoenix singer-songwriter Kim Capria, The Banter fuses Capria’s earthy vocals with a bar rock energy on their debut single, “Mason Jar”. The new track has a catchy, radio-ready vibe that will have you singing along in the car on your way to work. “Mason Jar” is one of two tracks you can find by The Banter on Spotify and I suggest you check them both out. The tracks include appearances from several local musical talents including Chad Martin, Mike Spero, Meliza Jackson, Danny Torgersen, Kevin Wiscombe, and Soraya Dominguez. Give “Mason Jar” a listen below…