Radio Phoenix Podcast: Red Tank!

red tank 01Red Tank! came down to the Radio Phoenix studios and we had a blast talking up music and bands. We chatted about the wall of noise, new songs, and snowed-out tours. And, of course, they brought along some stellar tracks that we were jazzed to play and, as always, the complete playlist can be found below.

Complete Playlist:

Red Tank! “The Void”

Wolvves “Harriets 1 & 2”

No Age “Teen Creeps”

RIVIVR “Resilient Bastard”

Dogbreth “Cups and Wrappers”

RNA “Between The Mountains And Us”

Lightning Bolt “The Metal East”

RT! “Hummingbirds”

Captain Samurai “Tired”

Drug Church “But Does It Work?”

Mitski “I Will”

Saw Fox “Big Girl”

Sonic Youth “Skip Tracer”

Recorded live on Nov. 16, 2016

red tank 02