Dreamiest Album: Impossible Animals by RØÅR

impossible animals 00Impossible Animals by RØÅR is the best dream you never had. Clouds of orchestral pop carry the listener away for a journey of imaginative sights and sounds.

Following in the tradition of Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam or The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the music comes at the listener like a strange and wondrous dream that will hold you in rapt attention right until the very end. Befittingly, the album even opens with the track, “Dream”, and establishes the remarkable aural landscape where your adventure will begin.

Impossible Animals by RØÅR is the four-year undertaking of musician Owen Evans who had a little help from his friends including such talented players as Lonna Kelley, Evan Bisbee, Aaron Burke, Ben Gallaty, Mark Glick, Robin Vining, Matt Wiser, and Jef Wright.

If you haven’t already experienced Impossible Animals by RØÅR, you should do that right here, right now…

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