NXOEED Offers PHX Fans One-Night Glimpse of New Collection


All photos courtesy of James B. Hunt

Phoenix’s favorite hide-and-seek artist, James B. Hunt aka NXOEED, is packing up his latest collection and shipping it East.

Westfield State University in Massachusetts will be hosting his latest exhibition, Tetradiagon, so unless all you local NXOEED fans are planning on cross-country travel, you’ll only have one brief opportunity to catch a glimpse of the paintings before they ship for their Fall exhibition.


Yes, Grand Arthaus in Downtown Phoenix is offering a NXOEED Solo Preview showing for one night only on June 16th (Third Friday).

The exhibition will be showing at WSU this coming September, but this one night is the one chance you’ll have this year to see NXOEED’s Tetradiagon before it heads “Back East”.

In keeping with the artist’s tradition, Hunt worked with on-campus collaborators to help connect the clues embedded in the paintings to sites on the WSU campus. For the NXOEED newbies in Massachusetts, James Hunt paints more than images; there are secrets and hidden mysteries and not just in the artist-as-unknowable type of art riddle.

NXOEED 04According to Hunt, “The clues are embedded in many of the same ways they’ve been embedded in paintings from art hunts over the past ten years or so. Some take on different meaning when viewed at different angles or upside down, like most of my work since ’97. Some have only very minor clues. There are a few where the entire painting is the clue.” Even the name of the exhibit itself contains a clue.

And, did I mention that it’s the night before James Hunt’s birthday on this particular evening? So, come out and celebrate. Or, at least, eat some birthday cake and see some artwork and join the artist in trying to ignore the air of merriment that overtakes Grand Arthaus this coming Friday.


For more info, check out the Tetradiagon website, Facebook page, and Nxoeed: Solo Preview, One Night Only. event page.


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