Radio Phoenix Podcast: No Volcano

no volcano 03No Volcano joined us in the Radio Phoenix studios at the Phoenix Center for the Arts for our latest edition of The YabYum Hour! They brought an eruption of tasty tunes for the YabYum hosts, who became consumed with (no) lava. We also talked Phoenix rock history (like Kimber Lanning playing drums!), the brand new record being worked on right now, and the merit of releasing full albums. There also wasn’t quite enough time to play all their tracks so we’ve included them as a special podcast bonus!

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Complete Playlist

No Volcano “Blackout”

The Father Figures “m7 Loop”

The Lonesome Wilderness “Alright”

The Echo Bombs “Creeper”

Shovel “Dweeb”

JJCnV “Tickle Bait”

Less Pain Forever “Throw Your Babies”

No Volcano “Walk Into A Wall”

Weird Radicals “Medea”

The Breakup Society “This Little Tragedy”

French Girls “Couple’s Skate”

Scorpion vs Tarantula “(My Baby Left Me For) The American Way”

Soft Deadlines “Wanna Lose”

Serene Dominic & the GemSeekers “My Secret Life”

Whispering Wires “By the Light”

Field Tripp “John Wayne”

Source Victoria “Once I’m Dead”


Recorded live on June 21, 2017 

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