Radio Phoenix Podcast: Back to School Edition


I said “get weirdly close” and they did.

They YabYum crew has some big announcements to make so we thought what better way than over the Radio Phoenix airwaves!

Not only are we moving to a weekly schedule with The YabYum Hour (that’s every Wednesday at 7 PM) starting in October, we have multiple podcasts in the works that we’re beyond excited to share with you starting in October as well. You might just find your favorite new podcast so check out this show to hear a preview of what’s to come.

We also brought some new tracks we think you should all hear/know/love and, as always, the complete playlist can be found below.

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Complete Playlist

The Rifle “Kill Your Darlings”

Small Leaks Sink Ships “Psychotic Opera”

Upsahl “Can You Hear Me Now”

Brother Cousin “Bones”

Dirty Sunset “Take it Slow”

JJCnV  “The Prude Vs. The Buzz”

Burning Palms  “Nightstalker”

Whispering Wires “No Buddies”

Cherie and Renno  “Meow”

Travis James  “Of Soil and Sleep”

decker.  “Matchstick Man”

Henry Black  “Weeping Willow”

Dadadoh  “The Waiter”

Wyves  “Bitch Has Got Problems”


Recorded live on September 6, 2017