5 Mellow Singles for Your Monday

Baby FuzZ


I know that a lot of us threatened to move to Canada after the 2016 election, but Sterling Fox, the musician behind Baby FuzZ, actually went ahead and did just that. Fox moved to Montreal, Canada shortly before launching Baby FuzZ “in cultural protest of the misogynistic, racist, and anti-environmental policies of the US government.” The indie-folk singer-songwriter gives “Cig” a soft-spoken and subtly brooding feel that turns up the angst for that final minute in order to push the underlying nihilism to center stage before the gentle outro restores the calm. Check out “Cig” from Baby FuzZ below or head here to score the digi-download.

Belle Mt


London-based artist Matt Belmont creates music under the moniker Belle Mt. For two years, Belmont stopped performing publicly to embark on an introspective songwriting journey. “Hollow” is just one part of the collection that emerged from that experience. Contemplative lyrics are cast to aerial heights with the help of the vibrantly layered instrumentation. Listening to “Hollow” I definitely want to continue further on Belmont’s path of self-discovery. You can score the digital download of “Hollow” from Belle Mt here, but you can sample first below…

 Chelsea Cutler

“Snow in October”

At only twenty years old, Chelsea Cutler has started establishing a name for herself as a singer, songwriter, and producer. “Snow in October” is the title track from Cutler’s self-produced debut EP which came out earlier this month. Chill indie pop supports contemplative lyrics as Cutler explores mental health issues against the stark early-arriving snow. Check out the single below and then check out Snow in October, the complete EP by Chelsea Cutler.

Tipling Rock

“Love Without a Reason”

There’s a bit of a island feel on this new single from Tipling Rock that will put you in a kickback mood no matter how stressful your day. The Boston-based quartet usually has a more electric sound, but they stripped down for this acoustic number, tinged with just the right amount of nostalgia. You can check out a live performance of “Love Without Reason” by Tipling Rock here or give the single a spin below…

Kevin McWha Steele

“Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples”

Kevin McWha Steele’s new single, “Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples”, might sound like it’s coming to you straight from a Parisian cafe, but channels Serge Gainsbourg straight into Brooklyn. Don’t worry if French isn’t your native tongue; the emotional appeal of Kevin McWha Steele’s croon transcends the limitations of language. “Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples” appears on Steele’s three-track single, The Clamorous Owl That Nightly Howls and Wonders At Our Quaint Spirits, which dropped earlier this year. Head here to score the digi-download from Kevin McWha Steele.

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