7 Stellar Indie Music Videos

Ecstatic Union

The L.A. garage rockers known as Ecstatic Union have an easygoing attitude and a brand-new s/t album out through Lolipop Records. You can purchase the new album here or preview additional tracks through Soundcloud first. 

The Bittersweet Way
“Already Over”

The Bittersweet Way released this cool collage video in prelude to their forthcoming album, Presentswhich comes out on November 3rd. And you can also catch The Bittersweet Way chatting with our editors (and picking the playlist) on Radio Phoenix just a couple days before that release on November 1st from 7-8PM. Tune in on Wednesday here.

Danielle Deckard

Sydney singer-songwriter Danielle Deckard attended Berklee College of Music in Boston before returning to her native Australia. Her single “Happy” comes to us from Deckard’s impending new album which is due out next year. “Happy” offers listeners gentle indie pop layers as the lyrics explore looming generational issues.

Something Like Seduction
“Blurry Window”

This Tucson-via-Phoenix band has all the makings of a mellow afternoon. Reggae-infused indie rock offers a laid-back atmosphere for listeners to help listeners unfurl all those tightly wound spots inside. This track comes to us from the band’s new EP, It’s Gonna Be a Peaceful Night

Tim Freitag

Singer-songwriter Tim Freitag is ready to rip open some old wounds with his new single, “Bruises”, so brace yourself. And the accompanying music video pairs the surging emotions of the vocals with an equally powerful visual performance… you know, just in case you weren’t feeling it.

Twin Seas
“Machine Gun”

L.A.’s Twin Seas brings us a Halloween-inspired music video for their latest single, Machine Gun”. Twin Seas fuses dream pop and New Wave for a very NOW indie sound with a noticeable nod to 80s synth acts that came before them. 

Little Galaxies
“Safe in the Storm”

This dream pop act from Venice Beach sounds a little more brooding than beachy, but we dig that. “Safe in the Storm” makes bold promises of protection, but the somber delivery of singer/guitarist Jeanna Fournier makes me feel that promise is for real.