Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editor’s Choice

choice 01The YabYum Hour on has gone weekly! Now, every second and fourth Wednesday catch the YabYum Eds play their current choice favs, including songs from our very own site! As always, the complete playlist can be found below.

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Complete Playlist

AJJ “American Body Rentals”

Soy Christmas “Oh No”

Herbert Walker “Paycheck Song”

JJCnV “Abra Cadaver”

Red Tank! “Things Fall Apart”

Flower Festival “daddy”

Human Behavior “The Spirit Is Upon Me, Because He Has Ordered Me To Preach That Singing Saves The Poor Of Heart”

Nanami Ozone “All of it”

Celeste “The Milk + The Honey”

Bogan Via “When You Fall in Love”

Tall Tall Trees “Being There”

Henry Black “Seven Days”

Lonesome Wilderness “Stay Out of the Sun”

Roddy Nikpour “Falling Together”

Originally aired live on October 11, 2017

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