7 Eclectic Indie Music Videos

“The Right Stuff”

This five-piece based-out of Phoenix has an arena-ready indie sound and a fun new music video to boot. Check out “The Right Stuff” from Luxxe below and then score the single here so you can also jam the track in your headphones.


Gestures & Sounds
“The Last Day”

The indie four-piece outta L.A. known as Gestures & Sounds recently released their self-produced music video for their single, “The Last Day”. The band shot the video while on an adventure in Yosemite and the picturesque landscape fits the soundscape rather nicely, I think. You can check out the album, Bill Nye Thinks We’re a Band, from whence this single came over on Bandcamp.

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The Magic Lantern
“Holding Hands”

Jamie Doe is the London-based songwriter at the helm of The Magic Lantern. Their latest single is slow-building, self-revealing number and definitely worth following through to the very end. “Holding Hands” was was released on October 30th through Hectic Eclectic Records and is available for digi-download here.


Transistor Girl
“Weak As I Am”

Christophe Drew and Christophe Bugnon are the Dutch duo behind Transistor Girl. They kicked up the electricity for their latest recording project, Righteous – Sinner, which came out on Oct. 30th. “Weak As I Am” comes from that release;  a slow-burning blues-fueled indie-rock stunner.


The Accidentals

The Accidentals originally found their musical bond during high school orchestra, but they’ve quickly risen to earn some national attention from the likes of the HuffPost and Yahoo Music. Now, with a new album and a new music video for the title track, the indie-folk trio from Michigan is setting out on tour.


Sure Sure
“Hands Up Head Down”

The Los Angeles-based alt-rock known as Sure Sure is making ways (and finding fans) with their new single, “Hands Up Head Down”. The lounge room pacing and tasteful synths give the song a super hip slouch that will have you hooked. Check out the snappy new lyric video for the track… unless you have a seizure condition.


“Holding Hands”

The ethereal vocal stylings of singer-songwriter Melis take on a haunting quality when set against the dystopian vision found in the music video for her new single, “Holding Hands”. Check out the music video, filmed in Prague, and get in your pre-order for Parallels, the new EP from Melis, here.



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