YabYum Seven: Joey Morgan

joey morgan 06

Joey Morgan pictured with “Bolt of Blue”

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Joey Morgan and I am a digital mixed media artist born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. (Actually a fourth generation Phoenician — quite rare!)

How did you get your start?

I started creating mixed media pieces with patina metal and metallic paper about five years ago. While on vacation in Mexico, I started photographing patterns in the sand and have been fascinated with texture I discover in nature ever since. For the last four years I have been digitally combining photos of patina color and nature’s texture into intriguing abstracts. The final composite image is printed on metal.

joey morgan 05

“Stone Maze”

What inspires you?

Chemistry inspires me. I love creating patina color! When sheets of copper and brass are ‘stewed’ overnight in chemical solutions or pre-made patina dyes, it’s very exciting to wake up to random patterns of vivid, saturated colors. Nature inspires me. Looking at plants, petrified wood, canyon walls, sand and tree bark stimulates my creativity. I see the intricacies and immediately start thinking of how I can use the texture or pattern in a new piece of art.

What do you like about AZ?

What I like about Arizona is its diverse landscape. From the open, vast deserts, to lush forests, amazing canyons, beautiful lakes, rivers and creeks, not to mention the plethora of hiking trails. Always something to do outdoors!

joey morgan 04

“Whispering Rainbow”

Where can we see you(r) work?

You can see my work at Art Mixed Up; at The Ted Denton Gallery in Carefree, AZ, the Iluminate Apartments in downtown Phoenix, and The Edgewater Condos on Tempe Town Lake and Circle Spotlight Oct. 2017; page 75.

What would you like o accomplish before you die?

Before I die, I would like travel to as many natural places as possible to photograph texture for my artwork. I would also like to see my work in hotels, commercial buildings / businesses, in more private homes here in the US and in other countries.

joey morgan 03

Tie Dye Crevice

What is your mantra?

My mantra is to be in the moment. Enjoy the now.


joey morgan 01


joey morgan 02

Lava Flow