5 Songs that Just Might Break your Heart

by Carly Schorman

The Wanda Junes

“All Roads End”

The Wanda Junes released a brand new album, Today, on cassette last week, but they teased fans with this closing number beforehand. “All Roads End” has a solemnity that feels hard won through hard living. And the sentiments contained within the lyrics are particularly striking given the season of loss experienced within the local music community here. Either neighboring Tucson feels the echo or the experience of loss is universally human. I believe that’s been suggested once or twice before. Today by The Wanda Junes came out on limited edition cassette so you better jump at the chance to score your own copy from Baby Tooth before they’re all gone!


Rachel Caddy

“Reach for You”

Rachel Caddy offers some meditations on the remnants of a relationship in the wake of a break up on her new single, “Reach for You”. And, from the sound of it, it was a really bad breakup. Like, a drive-all-night, cut-off-all-your-hair kind of breakup. Caddy’s ethereal voice grows and expands as the alt-folk instrumentation swells in matched effort. “Reach for You” is quite the first impression from this up-and-coming Australian songwriter.

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Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts

“Bury Me Not”

For their new album, Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts dusted off this old cowboy ballad to render their own heartbreaking version. This Americana act from Eugene, Oregon captures the desolate ache of the Midwestern classic with a rustic and rich fullness. You definitely want to check out this track from Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts BUT you should also explore the band’s full LP, High on the Hog, which just came out in March. Porch-pickers and washboard enthusiasts will dig the new old-timey sounds.

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ADRIAN wrote this song about the loss of his mother and the musings on life that followed. “Nightingail” carries a weight of sorrow, but there is a lightness there too, a hope. This emerging artist from the great wilds of California might not have much to offer by way of extensive track offerings quite yet, but something tells me this 19-year-old songwriter is just getting started. Check out “Nightingail” from ADRIAN.


Matt DiMona

“Like Crazy”

Los Angeles-based songwriter Matt DiMona dives to new emotional depths on this stripped down single. “Like Crazy” captures that moment of exhaustion that follows a vicious lovers quarrel. There’s a mixture of hurt and love and confusion in this track that DiMona encapsulates perfectly in his unassuming delivery. Make sure you check out the DIY music video Matt DiMona made to accompany the track with a little help from his friends.


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