5 NeoSoul Singles You Need to Hear

by Carly Schorman

Saba Abraha


I’m seriously obsessed with this new single from Saba Abraha. The Ethiopian singer with a penchant for English Lit shapes a haunting landscape of layered sounds on her new single, “Pathway”. The song, produced by De’Jour Thomas, remains somewhat stark throughout but never once did “Pathway” feel like it lacked for substance. This track comes to us from Abraha’s forthcoming EP so if you dig the single make sure you do the “Like” / “Follow” thing to stay apprised of that.

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David Davis

“Always Be You”

The stripped-down instrumental on “Always Be You” provides the perfect platform for the soulful voice of David Davis. And, in all honesty, it seems like any attempts to grandstand Davis’ voice are bound to crash and burn so why even try? This Chicago-born, L.A.-based artist mixes up the stylings of Soul singers like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye with some contemporary modes of music making to achieve a lasting feel. “Always Be You” has a timeless quality… and not just because the song is about love. David Davis is a name to know for all you Modern Soul fans.


Cautious Clay

“Stolen Moments”

This chill number comes to us from the Cautious Clay’s April EP, Blood Type, but the prolific artist already has another three-track EP that dropped less than a month ago. Cautious Clay obviously has some serious self-reflection going on inside to keep up this songwriting pace. “Stolen Moments” provides lyrical introspection against a mellow and minimal backdrop of an acoustic guitar. If you haven’t yet delved into the work of Cautious Clay, you’re missing out. Blood Type and Resonance, the new EP from Clay, are both available on Soundcloud.

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Sara Marie Barron

“That Man”

Sara Marie Barron comes to us all the way from Detroit with a Motown-inspired NeoSoul sound. “That Man” draws in the listener with its jazzy instrumentation and Barron’s bourbon-smooth vocal stylings, but the lyrics might have a few modern femme-conscious individuals shifting uncomfortably. I’m guessing Sara Marie Barron is intentionally toying with the toxic in her sultry story of love on “That Man”. But, ultimately, none of that matters; the only thing that matters is her voice. Barron nails that elusive mix of talent and training for a sound that will stick with you. Watch for her LP in August.

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Apache Grosse


Apache Grosse infuses some rock elements into this track to give his Alt R&B sound some added charge. “Poison” keeps things chill but the track keeps the club feel alive. This is just the track the DJ plays when it’s time for things to get slinky between the room-shaking bangers. Originally from AZ, Apache Grosse now calls Chicago home but he passed through PHX last month so hopefully he’ll make the rounds again soon. Until then, keep up with Apache Grosse because this artist is on the up and up.


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