Songs from The Listening Room: Dominick Provenzano

dominick provenzano 01Dominick Provenzano showed up to The Listening Room Phoenix and performed “Twilight Road”, the third track off of his debut, self-titled EP which came out in 2017. We love this song and performance and are thrilled to share it with all of you.

We also asked Dominick a few questions about this song and our Q+A with him can be found below. Enjoy “Twilight Road”…

So, please tell us a little about the song you chose to perform. When did you write it? Anything prompt its creation?

I wrote the song about five or six years ago… I was just beginning to think of song writing as a craft and I was kind of testing the waters of genres… at the time I was listening to a lot of later day Bob Dylan like Time Out of Mind and The Man Comes Around album by Johnny Cash… trying to capture that “wistful old man folk” as I like to call it.

At the time I was writing it I was entering a new romantic relationship and I guess the song is me trying to be as honest as possible about my feelings in a poetic fashion…

Do you have a method in your songwriting? If not a formalized process, a habitual approach?

I kinda’ like to try lots of different methods… sometimes I’ll force myself to write something but the results usually end up on the cutting room floor. Usually the best things are just waves of inspiration that you kind of just let pass through you… I mean that’s what happened with the song that we’re currently talking about.

Do you try to keep to a regular songwriting schedule? Or is it a bit more haphazard? Maybe sitting down when inspiration hits or squeezing in time as you find it?

Kinda’ like I said before… if I notice I haven’t written a song in awhile I’ll probably sit down and try to work something out… but usually the best things come when I just had a really inspiring practice with a band or I just listened to an album that was really good. Good music is a really inspiring thing, so I try to find it and be a part of it whenever I can… ‘cause it kinda’ feeds my own creativity.

Who are some of the songwriters that inspire you &/or your own work?

When I was younger, I was really into wordy and vague guys like Dylan and Jeff Tweedy. As I get older though, I find myself becoming more attached to people that can say something genuinely and simply… like a Tom Petty. I will say, that probably as of right now, Paul Simon is my biggest influence both musically and lyrically.

Any new projects in the works that we should keep watch for?

My band Old Star is currently working on a new album and I’m really excited about it. I feel like we’re exploring new territories that I haven’t really touched on before… hopefully I can share something with you guys by the end of the year. I think I probably have a few more folkier singer/songwriter albums left in me… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when those come out.


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