Radio Phoenix Broadcast: The Invisible Teal

invisible teal coverTodd Hoover AKA The Invisible Teal joined us in the Radio Phoenix studio and now the broadcast archive is available for all. We play songs off his 2018 album, Debt and Quandaries, and play some great tracks from his playlist as well. Check out the interview below to learn more about The Invisible Teal…

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The Invisible Teal “Alert / Alive”

The Lefty Loosies “Victim of Chemistry”

iji “Your Pulse”

Ben Anderson “Absentia”

Jon Gake “Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself”

Come Say Hello! “D.A.V.E.”

Dinosaur Love “Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too”

The Invisible Teal “Willy Siegel”

Jane N’ the Jungle “Faded Stars”

Cardiac Party “Doorbell”

Matt Beem “Trouble”

Haunted Cologne “Track #7”

The Cult of the Yellow Sign “Doublepentagonagram”

Originally broadcast live on August 22, 2018


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