Radio Phoenix Broadcast: RPM Orchestra

rpm orchestra 700RPM Orchestra joined us at the Radio Phoenix studios and now the broadcast archive is available for all to hear. We chat with the band about current works as well as their personal song selections they chose to play on the air. Discover or catch up with RPM Orchestra below.

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RPM Orchestra “Hey You”

Fathers Day “Why Are You So Mad?”

World Class Thugs “All Things Sweet”

Lonna Kelley “No body No mind”

Gene Tripp “Sun City Dreaming”

Wayward Sun “Active Measures”

The Darts “Bullet”

RPMO “Long Way Back”

Of the Earth “Tribleret”

Life Garden “Run Run Run, Blue Room”

Noiz Czar “Bruno”

Noiz Czar “Navaja”

San Jacinto Death Row Prison Band “So Help Me Jesus”

Originally broadcast live on September 5, 2018