Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Soft Deadlines

soft deadlines 02The dudes from Soft Deadlines rolled into the Radio Phoenix studios before the release of their latest album, People Are Evil, and now the broadcast archive is available for all. Not only do we discuss the new album in some detail, they brought a bunch of great tracks to play on the air including a couple of their own! Find out more about Soft Deadlines by checking out this interview below…

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Complete Playlist

Soft Deadlines “Time to Shine”

Paper Foxes “What Are You Afraid Of?”

Weird Radicals “Slow Knife”

Shopping “Asking for a Friend”

The Echo Bombs “Dogmeat”

Soft Deadlines “Minutes to Air”

Hostile Work Environment “Sarco”

Celebration Guns “Consider the Source”

Bodega “How Did This Happen”

Recorded live on October 3, 2018

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