YabYum Seven: Casey Wakefield

Casey Wakefield 02

All photos courtesy of Casey Wakefield

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Casey Wakefield and I am an abstract artist. I like to create compositions of color, some predictable and others unpredictable, with layers of ink, collage, acrylic paint, and finishing with oil paint onto canvas. Depending on the memory, thought or experience I am creating, I collage paper with patterns, quotes, music sheets, or poems. For me, the joy of painting is to watch the abstract emerge into something that evolves from the process. The canvas becomes a contemplative transformation of colors, drips, and marks. The final goal for the finished product is for the painting to create an emotional connection for someone.

How did you get your start?

Art was always in the curriculum of the public schools I attended in the small, Midwestern Illinois town where I was raised. Our artwork was hung in the hallways for all to see. In High School, we had the option to take art or a foreign language and I always chose art. From what I remember, we made pottery on the wheel, jewelry, screen printed t-shirts for the high school play cast, drawing, collages, and art history.

When it came to college, I graduated with a Business Administration degree and later a Masters in Education. However, I always had a longing to create something as an artist and wanted to learn how to paint. Through a turn of events, I found Milan Art Institute and enrolled in their intense Mastery Program where I studied classical painting. I discovered my passion for color and applying layers of paint and letting the process determine the outcome. I have always admired abstract art and now truly enjoy creating abstract paintings.

Casey Wakefield 06

Gratitude | 36” x 36” Mixed Media Oil on Canvas

What inspires you?

I am inspired by groupings of color that catch my eye and the essence of a memory or experience, music, quote, or poem. Sometimes, a thought or a feeling from a connection to an experience will transform into the meaning or title for the painting.

What do you like about AZ?

I enjoy running, so the thing I love most about AZ is that I can run outside almost any day of the year. Also, the many trails for hiking, mountain views, sunrises and sunsets are wonderful.

Casey Wakefield 07

Guarding Hearts | 36” x 36” Mixed Media Oil on Canvas

Where can we see your work? 

You can see my current work on Instagram @caseywakefieldart and my website.

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I hope to leave a good legacy for my children and a life well lived with intention. My hope for them is they live a life with passion and purpose; therefore, making a positive impact on their community.

Casey Wakefield 05

Free Indeed | 48” x 36” Mixed Media Oil on Canvas

What is your mantra?

Do your best and forget the rest – you can only control what you can control – be the change you hope to see.


Casey Wakefield 08

40” x 40” Mixed Media Oil on Canvas

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