7 Eclectic (and Awesome) Indie Pop Music Videos

Radical Face
“Hard of Hearing”

Ben Cooper, the multi-instrumentalist behind Radical Face, is someone that should be on every music-lovers radar right now. After devoting eight years to a three-album concept series, Cooper came to a point of crisis and decided to regroup in a shed behind his family’s house. “Hard of Hearing” comes to us from that recovery shed and from Radical Face’s new album, Therapy. 

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Kelsy Karter

Kelsy Karter has some serious sass and a touch of soul that you can hear in her new music video for “Harry”. I like this song so much I wasn’t even too bothered to hear it was written for Harry Styles. I’m just going to pretend it’s a love song for Harry Dean Stanton.

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“Pity Party”

The metropolitan Noé divided her early years between Hong Kong and Aix en Provence {France} but she now calls Los Angeles home. “Pity Party” marks a divergence for the songwriter from her dance pop origins, but the chill(er) vibe on this new single still has an effervescent pop quality. Check out “Pity Party” below and then head over to Spotify for more tracks from Noé.

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Savoir Adore

This Brooklyn duo is gearing up to release a new full length album early next month. The music video for “Bloom” seems like the right thematic pairing for a song that seems to celebrate the whole notion of “glowing up” and coming into your own. Keep watch for Full Bloom by Savoir Adore, due out April 5th.

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“Sucker Punch (Live)”

The Norwegian pop sensation came to our attention just last year, but her catchy indie pop has been swirling around our brainspace ever since. Sigrid landed a major record deal at the tender age of 17 but once you catch her live performance of “Sucker Punch” you’ll probably understand why. If you like your pop with extra bubbles, look no further.

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Sonia Stein

Sonia Stein has R&B roots and electro pop city swagger on her new single, “Party”. There’s some serious 80s nostalgia going on in the soundscape (and the music video) but Stein doesn’t forsake modern relevance for a flashback moment. Sonia Stein establishes some real radio potential with “Party” and we’re here for it.

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