7 Hawt HipHop Music Videos

Mega Ran

Phoenix/Philly artist Mega Ran is a hiphop hometown staple for not one, but two, U.S. cities. For this new single, Mega Ran teamed up with NOLA-MC Alfred Banks and producer Lio Maks to make “SUMIMASEN すみません” which translates to something of a mix between “excuse me” and “I’m sorry” in Japanese. And it was in Japan that Mega Ran shot the video with director Ikuo Yamamoto when the emcee was overseas on tour last year. Check the new vid and then check Mega Ran’s upcoming tour schedule to see if he’s hitting your hometown on the upcoming Mt. Nerdcore Tour which begins next month!

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“Do You Know My Name?”

SoCal artist Ariano just unleashed his latest album, F… You, I Love You, Pay Me, which features this new single, “Do You Know My Name?” To mark the occasion, Ariano teamed up with Gifted Glitch to make stellar music video with some serious Sin City style. The futurist noir setting perfectly fits the brooding lyricism of Ariano. Make sure you check out “Do You Know My Name?” from Ariano and then head over to Spotify to peruse the complete LP from this West Coast MC.

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Green Thumbz

This track really hit home with me and I’m sure that will ring true for lots of folx out there who have found themselves on the “Struggle”. The instrumental end of this single sets a chill vibe while the lyrics hit on hard truths. I swear, there must have been a million times I could’ve used the line, “Man, you need it more than me. You should’ve kept your two cents.” I might just clip the line from this track so I can play it for people in conversation. Green Thumbz is a collaborative effort between Keith Darnell and b33zy. “Struggle” is the first single from their forthcoming album.

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Criss Jrumz

Criss Jrumz comes to us from Broward County by way of the Bronx. He just dropped his brand new album, Street Light Therapy, at the end of January and followed up with this video for the intro track. Criss Jrumz has a kickback rhyme style that will leave you ready to hear more. And, thanks to the new album, you can do just that. Check out the music video for “Therapy” and then head over to iTunes to secure your copy of the full LP.

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“Right This Time”

This underground emcee from Norway is rapidly gaining rank, at home and abroad. Pasha has a funky flair that you can faintly hear in the bounce on this new single, “Right This Time”, despite the mellow atmosphere that pervades this number. Jerry Folk produced the track and Ola Kassen directed the video to complete the creative trifecta behind “Right This Time”. Keep your eye (or ear) on Pasha and watch out for upcoming tour dates this year – in the U.S. and Europe!

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Alan Blu

New Jersey-based emcee, Alan Blu, recently released his latest EP, Ultraego, where you can find his new single, “EENY”. On first listen, you might think the 21-year-old Blu is chalk full of swagger, but if you listen carefully you can hear the unexpected diffidence as the songwriter considers the wager of his worth set before him. Definitely a promising start for this young artist. Alan Blu teamed up with director Jays Vito for the music video which you can see below…

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Ceschi walks that line between spoken word and hiphop that calls to mind artists like Sage Francis. His new single, “Electrocariographs”, is crammed full of anxiety for those of us out there, like the songwriter, who are more partial to sending dog pics than dick pics. Ceschi has a new album set for release on April 4th.  So, if you dig the flow-of-consciousness ruminations on modern world apprehensions, this one’s for you.

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