Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: Matt Rendon

Matt Rendon 01Matt Rendon from such awesome bands as The Resonars, TWGS, Freezing Hands, and Harsh Mistress (plus many more), joined Anna and Bonnie at the Radio Phoenix studios and now that broadcast is available forever in this archived edition of The YabYum Hour. Matt also runs Midtown Island Studio in Tucson so not only did he bring a bunch of great stuff he’s played on, he brought in a bunch of bands that have recorded there as well. As always, the complete playlist can be found below.

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The Exbats “I Got Fights”

Freezing Hands “My Favorite Sidekick”

Nanami Ozone “I Don’t Wanna Be With You”

Sea Wren “Lena”

Shovel “Monty”

Harsh Mistress “Get Out Of The House”

Flight Thirteen “The World That Makes You Mad”

The Rebel Set “Figured It Out”

Desert Beats “Forgive Myself”

Anchorbaby “Nada”

Louise Le Hir “Kill Pretty”

The Rifle “Kill Your Darlings”

Best Dog Award “Never Been A Boy”

Free Machines “Different Shapes”

Feverfew “Cats”

Lenguas Largas “I’m Goat”


Originally broadcast live on January 9, 2019


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