7 Hawt Hip Hop Music Videos

Injury Reserve
“Jailbreak the Tesla”

Ugh, Injury Reserve is so fucking good. Just join their 32k Youtube subscribers so you don’t miss new tracks from the band because this came out on March 21st and I just found out about it. So embarrassing for me; so good for your ears.

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Choosey & Exile
“Low Low”

Choosey & Exile draw from a variety of inspirational sources, from gospel to  Latin Jazz and beyond, to shape out their fresh musical style. “Low Low” was made in collaboration with Exile and features Aloe Blacc. This single is more than an homage to lowriders; it’s a tribute to Los Angeles and the music that has taken root there. “Low Low” comes to us from Choosey & Exile new LP, Black Beans, which you should most definitely check out in its entirety… after you check out this new music video for the track!

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This Dublin-based HipHop artist has slick rhyme style that immediately captivates audiences. On this new single, Jafaris throws down his credentials with plenty of swagger and the music video that accompanies the track is totally compelling in its own right. “Invisible” comes to us from Jafaris’ forthcoming LP, STRIDE, which is due out any day now. You can still land that pre-order over on Bandcamp… and you should because this guy is rad.

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NGHTMRE & A$AP Ferg go BIG for their new joint venture, “REDLIGHT”. And, I mean BIG on sound and the powerful delivery of the lyrics and on the explosive music video created to accompany the single. This track is NOT to be missed. “REDLIGHT” is available through Ultra Records so head to Spotify to add it to your playlist. It’s a particularly wise addition to any gym mix or ass-kicking playlist you might have… just in case you, like me, keep one on hand for any unexpected fight sequence in your life.

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Miki Montebello

Miki Montebello fuses together HipHop and alt R&B for a modern sound we can really get behind. On his new single, “Post-Op”, you can hear the different influences swirling in the soundscape, encompassing everything from Jazz and Soul to Indie and Electro. The Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based Miki Montebello is doing some interesting things in blurring those genre-boundaries. “Post-Op” comes to us from Montebello’s latest release, Blanco Tigre, which can be heard over on Spotify.

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Jam Young
“Never Stop”

Jam Young pairs an inspiring message with some old school beats on his new single, “Never Stop”. The emcee from Queens [NY] dropped this brand new music video for a track that originally appeared on his 2017 release, One Step Closer. This new music video will hopefully spark more interest in the album from when it came… for those of us who missed the release.

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“Cloud Clears”

Brotherman out of the UK brings a background in poetry to his lyrical stylings on “Cloud Clears” and perhaps that’s what makes the track so poignant. But, then again, it could just be his super cool and slouchy rhyme style or the chill feel of the instrumental end that really made “Cloud Clears” stand out. Whatever the case may be, when you take both factors into account, Brotherman is definitely an act worth knowing so take the new music video out for a spin below.

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