The Mortician’s Daughter 005: Nietzsche and Eternal Recurrence

Nietzsche and Eternal Recurrence 01

 The Mortician’s Daughter Episode 005: Nietzsche and Eternal Recurrence

This time around, I’m here to briefly touch upon Nietzsche and Eternal Recurrence. Now, Friedrich Nietzsche presents such a large and looming figure — philosophically, culturally, and personally — that I feel we will be revisiting him and his work again in the months and years to come so, instead of getting too carried away right off the bat, I thought it might be best to narrow our focus and touch upon one of his more popular notions: Eternal Recurrence. We can save the Übermensch and Nazis and horse-whipping crazy-house for another day…


Written and narrated by Carly Schorman

Produced and edited by Mark Anderson and Garrett Bowers

Theme song “Of Soil & Sleep” by Travis James

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