5 Music Blogs You Should Check Out (and Maybe Submit To)

Hey, we know we’re not the only rad music blog that’s out there. Maybe check out some other music blogs to see what they have to offer. Or, for you musicians, maybe find a new press connection to submit your music to. Different publications often have a different focus or area of interest. It’s always a good idea to know something about a blog before you send something their way. The good people of All That Shreds don’t want your ElectroPop.

American Pancake

We like like upstart music blogs with silly names and American Pancake is all and more. Started by a dude named Robb right around the same time YabYum was kicking off in PHX (2009) and still going strong today, American Pancake is committed to covering independent and under-the-radar artists. So, basically, we like everything about what they’ve got going on. P.S. Robb, if you’re reading this, we know your struggles. We feel your pain. Stay steadfast in your support of music.

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Sweet Static

Sweet Static was founded in 2015 by some DIY punk music nerds. And, just like we at YabYum keep a regional focus on the Western states, Sweet Static favors East Coast locals, but they cover independent acts from other areas as well. In addition to regular music coverage through their blog, the creators behind Sweet Static have moved into the world of podcasting with their show “No Static At All” so make sure you check out all this website has to offer!

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Weirdo Music Forever

It seems like this Los Angeles-based blog would feel right at home at Phoenix given their proclivity for weird, experimental music flying under the radar. The creators behind the blog were inspired to write about music by “the ongoing exploratory work of R. Stevie Moore, Ariel Pink, Gary Wilson, John Maus” and others of a similar ilk. So, if you seek to explore sonic spheres beyond the norm, Weirdo Music Forever is definitely worth checking out.

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Post-Trash is out there for all you fuzzed out rockers that like the reverb high and the distortion heavy. In addition to new music premieres and reviews and even a podcast, this blog offers a week in review called “Fuzzy Meadows” to keep their readers briefed on new and notable releases.

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All That Shreds

This music blog is focused on hard rock and metal bands. More specifically, All That Shreds is focused on the guitar players shredding up the venues across the country. So, if you’re in a hard rock or metal act and you think your guitarist shreds better than anyone else out there, you should maybe let the good people of All That Shreds know about your band. And, for all you hard rock fans, get your fix with regular metal news (and new music) from All That Shreds.

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