The Tastemaker’s Ten: Managing Editor Carly Schorman

To help mark the 10 Year Anniversary of our publication, we forced managing editor (and founder) Carly Schorman to take on the arduous task of picking out 10 tracks she thinks everyone should hear. Take a few to check out the music Carly might be listening when she’s not working.

Carly: As someone who writes a lot about music, I actually don’t feel comfortable with this particular undertaking. Probably because it feels overly personal to share ten of my favorite songs devoid of any constraints and not pulled from a list of submissions &/or local releases. So, I’ll keep my explanations brief in the interest of personal privacy. 

“I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts”

X was integral for me and this track in particular has always stood out as a favorite from a really great album. 

The Coup
“Ride The Fence”

Just between you and me, I’ve basically listened to Party Music pretty consistently since it came out in 2001. Communist HipHop at its finest. I probably listen to this specific song at least three times week. Usually right before I have to walk into a meeting. 

Car Seat Headrest
“Fill in the Blank”

My favorite music is always changing. Some favorites stay with me over time and some pass away into the recesses of my mind. This is a band that I got into about five years ago that has stuck with me. 


People ask me a lot who my favorite band in town is and the real honest truth is I like a lot of music coming out of the Valley (and Tucson)! But, it’s JJCnV. That’s my favorite band in town.

Buck 65
“Blood of a Young Wolf”

I’m a big fan of Buck 65 all the way back to his “Pen Thief” days. Even caught him live a couple of times both here and in San Francisco… and I’m not super into crowds so it takes something to get me to brave one. 

Tom Waits
“Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis”

I love a song that tells a story. And I love Tom Waits. 

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
“No More Workhorse Blues”

This is one of my three favorite Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy song and my favorite music video from him (and director Harmony Korine). 

Belle and Sebastian
“The Fox in the Snow”

This is my favorite band. Ever. 

Roy Orbinson

Roy Orbison breaks my heart every time.


All hail Queen Bey. She’s the most important musician of my generation and I think that would be talked about more if she was a dude. Fight me.