Radio Phoenix Broadcast of It’s Not Our Fault: GodSpeedBall

godspeedball 01Jesse, Todd, and Ward of GodSpeedBall joined Amy, Tom, and DJ Hockey Chuck for this edition of It’s Not Our Fault on Radio Phoenix. Find out more about the band and how they formed along with why they picked the rad tracks they brought in. You can also learn about their latest tour, all the other bands members play in, plus many more fun facts like why Ward likes Beck… Google it!

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Butthole Surfers “Sweat Loaf”

Roky Erickson “If You Have Ghosts”

GodSpeedBall “Acid Test”

Awkward Thought “Does It Make Sense”

Sheer Terror “For Rudy The Kraut”

GodSpeedBall “Faces”

TAD “Jinx”

Season to Risk “Mine Eyes”

Beck “Loser”

GSB “Raptor”

Originally broadcast live on June 5, 2019

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