Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: Turn Zero

turn-zero-01John, Emily, Ash, and Brandon AKA Turn Zero join us on this edition of The YabYum Hour. They discuss topics like what brought the band together and some of the first local bands that caught their ear. They also brought in a rockin’ playlist of tracks so crank the volume and get down…

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Turn Zero “Petty (feat. Nick Barker)”

New Chums “Blossom”

The Breaking Pattern “Little Black Dress”

Troubled Minds “Exit Stage Left”

Forever Starts Today “Not This Time”

Constellations “Frostbite”

Turn Zero “Animal”

Stand Atlantic “Lavender Bones”

Forget Your Friends “No Trip Like This”

Promise to Myself “Now You’re Calling Me Psychotic (At Least You’re Calling Me)”

Fake a Home “Ghost”

Originally broadcast live on March 11, 2020

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