Music Video of the Day: “Breaking Up The Fight” by True Adventures

True Adventures
“Breaking Up The Fight”

Back before this whole big pandemic thing happened, a musician from Norfolk who performs under the moniker True Adventures came upon an unusual structure while vacationing in La Palma with some family. And, just like that, he decided to utilize the opportunity to make a music video for his single, “Breaking Up The Fight.” As Samuel Leonard Keith Leonard (yes, that is his name) explains, “I came across this incredible ferry port, the brutalist architecture was just stunning. There’s a huge sea wall that makes you feel like you’re in the belly of a whale.” That feeling ties in well with the points of reflection from which the songwriter drew his inspiration for this track as one accepts the heavy mantle of adulthood and all its burdens. The song itself is even more striking than the music video or just the power of the lyrics. The arrangement is slow, but sweeping, and carefully embellished to encase the vocals without encumbering them.

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