Music Video of the Day: “My Game” by Zella Day

Zella Day
“My Game”

Zella Day might have started her journey on this plane in Pinetop, AZ, but she sure seems like she’s traversed quite a distance in her short run at life. Sure, she’s a resident of Los Angeles now which is roughly 550 miles away, but as you watch the video for “My Game,” you might begin to feel like physical distance is relative. At least, for those of us here who have spent some time in Pinetop, the glamorous Zella Day in this French Pop / Nu Disco style song and setting seems like she’s come a long way as an artist. Unless, of course, I’m wrong in my broad generalizations and she was born smack dab in the middle of a Goddard film. Whatever the case may be, this new video is as compelling as the single itself and not to be missed. Check out the Glam Pop of Zella Day on “My Game.”

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