Music Video of the Day: “We Are The Plague” by Suzie Stapleton

Suzie Stapleton
“We Are The Plague”

Fuzzy bass lines, psychedelic guitars, and the raspy vocals of Suzie Stapleton set a NeoNoir tone before ramping up the energy to full blown raucous on her new track, “We Are The Plague”.  Stapleton’s vocals oscillate between a growling alt-rock delivery and spoken-word poetry over spaced-out instrumentals in a way that calls to mind Patti Smith, but her distinctive voice, and undeniable swagger, is all her own. “We Are The Plague” speaks to a world on the brink of destruction, not from a place of hope, but one of indignant rage. And I fucking get it. “We Are The Plague” comes to us from Suzie Stapleton’s debut album which is due out on July 31st.

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