3 Stellar Songwriters You Should Know


“Grow Up Together”

CHAV (Sh-Ah-V) is breaking barriers, aural and otherwise, with their new single “Grow Up Together.” The song fuses smooth NeoSoul with alt-pop and conscious hip hop for a chill exploration of a positive relationship. You know the one. For some of us it might still remain a mythical beast or that once glimpsed unicorn. For others, we have found that place of love and mutual respect, rather than one of resignation. A love that fosters a lifetime of support and growth in partnership with another. And CHAV and I promise such a thing is not as elusive or rare as a unicorn. CHAV founded their own progressive pop label, Flat Pop Records, with creative partner Rick Marcello last year which emerged from their art collective FagMass which received recognition from Paper Magazine, Billboard, Afropunk, and others.  Mellow out with “Grow Up Together” from CHAV here…

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Kris Delmhorst

“Wind’s Gonna Find a Way”

Singer-songwriter Kris Delmhorst is gearing up for the release of her latest album on August 8 and she offered this dulcet number as a sample of what’s to come. The Americana-inspired indie-folk is haunting but the underlying message is one of hope. Delmhorst’s voice moves from a wispy fragility to steel strong and back again as we move through the track. This oscillations mirror those of the “Wind’s Gonna Find a Way,” its sorrow and serenity. Long Day in the Milky Way is set for release in August, but you can enjoy “Wind’s Gonna Find a Way” right here, right now. And you should.

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Danielle Juhre

“You & I”

The smokey, soulful vocals of Danielle Juhre might call to mind famous songbirds like Adele on her new piano ballad, “You & I.” The Chicago songwriter grew up on Motown classics and that Soul sound seeps out of her own music. There’s an authenticity to Juhre’s emotive energy on this track that reinforces the sentiment behind the song. The lyrics on “You & I” speak to the power of love even after the tragedy of heartbreak. You can hear the hurt of that lost love and the hope that lingers on in “You & I” by Danielle Juhre.

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