A Quick Note from the Editors

Dear Readers,

Although many of us have grown tired of the phrase: we are in an unprecedented time in human history. We feel it is important we take a step back to reevaluate and educate ourselves so that we can be better allies and more active in our support for social change. As a publication, we paused in support of the protests taking part across the country, and around the world, but the movement continues. So, in continued support, we’ll be pausing publication every week to highlight a grassroots organization. There are many ways you can support these groups – by donation, through social media likes and follows, volunteering, supporting their direct actions and campaigns, or sharing information about the orgs through your own pages.

At YabYum, we will continue to do our best to give platform to independent and underrepresented artists, both in our local and global communities, but we (like, us, personally… maybe you too, idk) need to better understand how to aid those communities and how to offer support to those leading the charge while also seeking to unlearn behaviors that might be inhibiting individual and societal growth.

The YabYummers

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