Music Video of the Day: “Put You in the Kitchen” by BIIANCO

“Put You In The Kitchen”

This new single brings together the talents of BIIANCO and Chong the Nomad. Together, they co-wrote and co-produced “Put You In The Kitchen” about their experiences in the male-dominated music industry. And, fun fact, Chong the Nomad had also just cast off the drudgery of her day job (in a kitchen) to embrace that full-time musician life so there is a double-plus sense of liberation that vibes on the chill electro pop of this track. They’re shaking off the binding of the patriarchy and capitalistic wage-slavery at the same time here. The visual aesthetic of the music video is just as striking as the song itself. Take them both in together. “Put You In The Kitchen” is a full sensory experience.

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