Music Video of the Day: “Bones” by Grant Pavol

Grant Pavol

Grant Pavol follows the tradition of alt-folk singer-songwriters like Sufjan Stevens and Bonnie “Prince” Billy. As “Bones” begins, there is a sentimental haze, like the warm fuzz memories take on as they fade, but Pavol disassembles some of the jauntier elements in favor of of a more experimental sound as we continue. Perhaps this is where cold grief confronts the warmth of memories and we hear a storm of sound start to gain force in “Bones”. Grant Pavol penned the track after the passing of his grandfather, William Goldman, the famous writer of many a novel and screenplay (amongst other things). Though the medium may have changed generationally, the talent appears pervasive. Pavol’s debut album comes out on September 4 so make sure you like/follow to keep up-to-date on that LP. Before that happens, however, make sure you check out the music video for “Bones”…

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