Music Video of the Day: “Night Shift” by BIG NASH

“Night Shift”

This artist, producer, and audio engineer from Auckland, New Zealand is ready to set a mood with his new track, “Night Shift”. The single, released on Iconic Sound, provides a chill vibe in the soundscape for BIG NASH to ride atop with his suggestive lyricism. And, just to be real here for a second, I wish more artists would take a tip from BIG NASH. A minimal approach to songcraft doesn’t mean a song should feel meager. It needs to be smart, intentional, and never leave the listener wanting of a little more push in the production. BIG NASH knows how to tastefully ride that line. Let’s hope BIG NASH has more singles waiting in queue for his growing fanbase. Until then, enjoy “Night Shift” and add it to your nighttime playlist for some extra swagger.

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