Music Video of the Day: “BBBC” by King Casio

King Casio 700King Casio

The lo-fi dream-pop single from this trio across the pond will leave listeners feeling like they’re floating on a tranquil sea after the storms clear. King Casio creates soft psych of the pop rock persuasion and “BBBC” is a moody but soothing number that will sneak up on you and stick with you. “BBBC” becomes hypnotic as the phrase “Big Black Black Black Cloud”cycles through your head.  The music video does a swell job of capturing the band’s stylistic nod to psych rock of the 60s. “BBBC” comes to us from the band’s forthcoming debut, Quiet times with King Casio, so make sure you like/follow the band after you check out the music video to stay apprised of that release.

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