Music Video of the Day: “DMT” by STACEY


This Toronto singer-songwriter is really going to make you look at the key word in the phrase psych-pop with her new single and music video. “DMT” by STACEY has a retro 60s vibe that floats around the listener like a hallucinogenic haze. The collage-style music video directed by Sara Serna only adds to the surreal sense as STACEY sings about “crystallizing teardrops and grapefruit butterflies.” I definitely get a “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” feel in both the lyrics and instrumentation, but STACEY delivers her own aesthetic with the help of Serna. The video was filmed quarantine style with STACEY in lockup with a make-up artist and a green screen sending clips to the director. We dig it. It’s a new world and we need new solutions. “DMT” comes to us from STACEY’s debut full-length album, Saturn Return, which is due out later this year.

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