Vote for Mary Jane

Hey stoners! Mary Jane Smokewear is running a contest to see who can design the best “Vote 4 Mary Jane” themed t-shirt.  The winner gets $200 cash, $150 in Mary Jane Smokewear merchandise, their winning design made into a t-shirt, and 12 of the finished shirts for free!

For more information go to:

However, we included most of the details for you below.
Just in case you’re, you know, feeling…”lazy.”

GUIDELINES – Final art to be sized no bigger than 13″ x 19″ and submitted via email to – must be submitted in one of the following formats: pdf, Adobe Illustrator, high resolution jpeg – keep design to 4 colors or less.  (Winner announced July 4th)
WINNER – will be based on following the above theme and guidelines & the amount of ‘likes’ your design gets on our FaceBook page between 4/20 and the 4th of July
PRIZES – $200.00 CASH + your design made into a Mary Jane Smokewear t-shirt & 12 of those shirts + $150.00 in Mary Jane Smokewear merchandise

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