Snail Quail – The Blurry In Between

Snail Quail

The Blurry In Between

By Byron Carrick

From the first riff on this record, I wanted to see this band live. The production on every song is tight, raw and furiously intelligent. The first song, “Meant To Do” does what an opener is… meant… to… do. Really, it gets things going with a punchy and digestible riff that gets your attention and holds it right into the involved vocal craftwork that is spread through the entire record like a delicious layer of clever butter.

Snail Quail is fun without being silly and is a solid act without the pretentiousness that many bands suffer from these days. These guys are the real deal. The songwriting and lyrical content prove this fact hands down.

I couldn’t pick any real highlights because I found the entire thing to be a highlight. I love the song creation, the track list order and production. Fantastic job to Snail Quail, I can’t wait for the next one!

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