Monsters, Mutants, And Other Tales Of Love

Do zombies tear at your heartstrings? Does the site of blood inflame your passion of desire? If so, you need to catch Monsters, Mutants, And Other Tales Of Love playing at the Space 55 Theatre in Phoenix. Written by Carrie Behrens and directed by Duane Daniels and Greg Lutz, the audience is promised “a wild night of zombies, mutants, cyborgs, blood, guts, and lots of laughs.” With only 3 shows left this Thursday (Oct. 18) through Saturday (Oct. 20), make sure not to miss these 5 short plays that are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit!

Show is rated PG-13 and begins at 8 PM. Tickets are $15. Visit the Space 55 website for more info. You can also check out their event page or watch a preview below.

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